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We are committed to advancing ecological education through music and the arts and engaging a global community of children, supported by adults, to be voices of nature and inspire positive change in their families, schools and communities.



Our mission is to implement music- and arts-based ecology education through school programs, community concerts, learning resources and distance learning.


Voices of Nature is a unique and special place. Singing together is so much fun! We bring children together with professional musicians, scientists, educators and conservationists. Our values are core to the way we work.

Inclusiveness: Every child is a contributor in cooperative music, science and arts-based learning activities.

Embracing Change: Voices Of Nature provides a forum for children’s’ voices to be heard as part of diverse conversations to meet the challenges of climate change and community shift to renewable energy.

Cultural Connectivity: Songs are a powerful way to convey messages that connect scientific knowledge with our daily lives; they touch the heart, spirit and emotions and inspire people to act.

Diversity: We embrace diverse cultures, histories and points of view, especially with regards to Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge as integral to learning experiences.

Creativity: We tie singing about the Earth together with learning experiences that support development of students’ critical thinking skills and their imaginative capacity to help create solutions for a sustainable future. Voices Of Nature works in an educational context that promotes respectful communication and sharing of ideas.

Connectivity: Education, ecology and singing build community connectivity and help people of all backgrounds and beliefs to collaborate and create solutions for our sustainable future.

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