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Holly Arntzen has been singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer in the Canadian music scene for almost 40 years. She performed at every major Folk and Childrens’ Festival in Canada, and toured in every province during the ‘80s before co-founding the Artist Response Team (ART) in 1990. She went on to create a library of eco-themed songs and produced concerts, radio and television programs and broadcast awareness events to raise awareness about environmental issues. Since 1999, Holly has  been active in producing a steady stream of Voices Of Nature school music programs, concerts and music-based learning resources.


She and band mate Kevin Wright form the core of ART, and lead the Wilds Band and co-write songs characterized as “folk pop to rock your world”!  


Holly has dedicated her musical life to singing about the Earth and is constantly looking for ways to bring resources and funding into supporting artists and musicians to create works that help people and communities in their journey to a green, sustainable future.


Kevin has been working with the Artist Response Team since 2003 bringing his multimedia and production skills, and long musical history into the mix. Starting out as Voices of Nature radio show editor and recordist, Kevin is an integral part of the working force that propels ART forward into the future. His musicianship and song-writing skills shape the “new edge of environmental music” being produced by ART. He works alongside Holly, on vocals and percussion, delivering and producing the Voices of Nature School Music Programs. 

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