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You’re here because you’re going to sing!


Here is a suggested approach for using the resources on this website. You may want to reorder and mix up the various elements to suit your students, children and learning situation.

  1. Start your singing session with Holly’s Warm-up for your voices and bodies.

  2. Choose the Song you want to sing.

  3. Read the Story from Holly & Kevin aloud to your students.

  4. Watch the Live Concert Video with the Wilds Band and children's choirs performing the song and doing actions; OR watch the Performance Video; read and sing along with the lyrics on screen.

  5. Play the Teaching Video, listen to the lyrics being spoken, then learn the melody by echo-singing each phrase.

  6. Play the Live Concert Video or Performance Video again, and sing the whole song through.

  7. Watch the Action Video and learn the actions; they can help you memorize the lyrics.

  8. Check out the Activity Videos that Tom leads; they are fun musical & physical games to intersperse with songs.

  9. Watch the Voices Of Nature Rocks! Episode that is connected to the song you’re learning; it gives an overview of the ecological science behind the song lyrics.

10. Check out the Teacher Handbooks available for purchase. They provide curriculum-linked activities in science, social                studies, language arts and other subjects, along with beautiful black line illustrations.

Once you have one or two songs under your belt and you’ve learned the lyrics and actions, you can create your own singing sessions. Sing a song. Do an Activity. Learn a new song. Do another Activity. Sing another song. Voila!

You’re Singing Out For The Earth!

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Start with a warm-up!

Life Cycle Dance Le cycle de la vie K-3

Saltwater (Eau salée) grades 3-7

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