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SING OUT! (Classic) for primary grades

Sing Out! was a weekly radio show/singing lesson that ran on CBC in the 1970s hosted by Lloyd Arntzen. Each week teachers would tune in and have their classes sing along as a music activity. Now you can access the lessons right here on demand.
In Lesson 1, Lloyd teaches the first two songs. In each lesson after that a new song is introduced. Once there are four songs in a lesson, one song is dropped and a new one is added.
We decided to digitize these lessons and make them available to teachers and parents after a teacher asked, "What ever happened to Sing Out? How can I gain access to it?" So here it is.
The song lyrics and singing activities are in the Student Guide - click on the image to download.
The new reality of the pandemic is causing many changes and challenges, but we hope these singing activities will give you some tools to bring music education into your classroom or home.
So put on Lesson 1, get started and Sing Out!!!
If you find these lessons useful, please consider making a $10 donation to help us update and continue to develop more Sing Out Sessions!
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1.  He's Got the Whole World in His Hand
2. Old Texas
3. Head and Shoulders, Baby
4. Pick A Bale of Cotton
5. Over in the Meadow
6. When the Saints Go Marching In
7. Dr. Knickerbocker
8. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
9. She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain
10. The Cuckoo
11. Skin and Bones
12. Old Dan Tucker
13. The Hokey Pokey
14. Shortnin' Bread
15. All Through the Night
16. Gonna Wake Up
17. Lord of the Dance
18. Coventry Carol
19. The Friendly Beasts
20. I Saw Three Ships
21. Angels We Have Heard On High
22. Huron Carol
23. I Wonder As I Wander
24. Jingle Bells
25. Bring A Torch , Jeannette, Isabella
26. O Christmas Tree
27. Rocking Carol
28. Foom, Foom, Foom
29. Rattlin' Bog
30. Rose
31. Willowbee
32. There's A Hole in My Bucket

Song List

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